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Annual Report 2022-2023

Message from the Labatt Family Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Benoit Mulsant

Across various age groups, genders, and backgrounds, in our communities and around the world, mental illness is a leading cause of disability. Better treatments are still needed for many mental disorders. In Canada and internationally, those who experience mental illness face barriers to treatment.

In this context the Department of Psychiatry’s mission to achieve excellence in education and research is more important than ever. We are deeply aware of the human cost of mental illness as we strive to address it locally, nationally, and globally.

As described in this report, this year the Department has continued to move forward with several initiatives that reflect its commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and equity within the realm of mental health.

We are providing new options for mentoring to our junior faculty members. Our Academic Scholar Awards are accelerating their careers and bringing the benefits of their work to the public sooner. The education we offer is broadening and deepening to address the most urgent needs in our society. We are bringing together experts in our integrative hubs. Faculty members are using their voices to fight for equity and to advocate for those experiencing severe mental illness, who remain some of the most marginalized members of our communities.

These initiatives are shaping the care that tomorrow’s patients will receive. Across all aspects of mental health we are working to transform treatment at all levels and to decrease the burden of mental illness now and in the future.

Dr. Benoit H. Mulsant, Professor and Labatt Family Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Vice Chairs

Dr. Mary Jane Esplen
Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Vice-Chair, Equity and Mentorship
Dr. Alastair Flint
Dr. Alastair Flint, Vice-Chair, Research
Dr. Krista Lanctot
Dr. Krista L. Lanctôt, Vice-Chair, Basic & Clinical Sciences
Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam
Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam, Vice-Chair, Education
Dr. Simone Vigod, Vice Chair, Clinical Innovation



Total Faculty
Primary appointed faculty
Full-time clinical faculty
Part-time clinical faculty
Adjunct faculty
Status-only faculty

Academic Scholar Award Recipients

Dr. Lucy Barker
Dr. Matthew Burke
Dr. Deanna Chaukos
Dr. Matthew Sloan
Dr. Alisson Trevizol
Dr. Brigitte Zrenner

New Leadership Appointments

Dr. Stephanie Ameis
Dr. Stephanie Ameis, Director, Clinician Scientist Program
Dr. Janet Ellis, Professorship in Veteran Mental Health
Dr. Sean Nestor, Assistant Director, Clinician-Scientist/Scholar Training Stream
Dr. Sophie Soklaridis, Vice Chair, Mental Health and Addiction Equity and EDIIA
Dr. Simone Vigod, Vice Chair, Clinical Innovation
Dr. Andrea Waddell, Associate Director, Quality and Innovation, Division of Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems (APHS)

In 2023 the Toronto Addis Ababa Psychiatry Project (TAAPP) celebrated its 20th anniversary. TAAPP has assisted in the training of over 100 psychiatrists in Ethiopia and providing our community with experience in curriculum development and culturally adapted treatment.


Senior Promotions

Promoted to Professor

Dr. Corinne Fischer
Dr. Margaret Hahn
Dr. Suneeta Monga
Dr. Jacob Vorstman

Promoted to Associate Professor

Dr. Mahavir Agarwal
Dr. Sacha Agrawal
Dr. Darren Courtney
Dr. Dorian Deshauer
Dr. David Gratzer
Dr. Lance Hawley
Dr. Katy Kamkar
Dr. Nicole Kozloff
Dr. Ralph Lewis
Dr. Stephanie Penney
Dr. Lisa Ramshaw
Dr. Kathleen Sheehan
Dr. Kathryn Trottier
Dr. Carmen Wiebe
Dr. Juveria Zaheer

Junior Promotions

Promoted to Assistant Professor

Dr. Zahra Amina Ali
Dr. Martin Svihra
Dr. Richard Yanofsky
Dr. Orit Zamir

Thanking Chris Meledes, Business Manager, Department of Psychiatry

Chris Meledes took on the role of Business Manager in the Department in early 2017. During his six and a half years in the position he made instrumental contributions to all the Department’s major initiatives alongside his excellent team, including the creation of the Academic Scholar Awards, the launch of the Network for Research on the Biology of Depression, and the implementation of the current Strategic Plan. 

As of August 21, 2023, Chris Meledes has transitioned to a Director role at the UofT Mississauga campus supporting their academic and library financial operations.

We want to thank Chris for his dedication to improving our Department and the leadership and positivity he has brought to our community. We wish him all the best in his new role. 


General Psychiatry Residents PGY1-5
PGY6 Subspecialty Residents
Research and Clinical Fellows


Program Directors

Petal Abdool
Dr. Petal Abdool, Assistant Director, General Psychiatry Residency - IMG
Dr. Stephanie Ameis
Dr. Stephanie Ameis, Director, Clinician Scientist Program
Sumeeta Chatterjee
Dr. Sumeeta Chatterjee, Director, Forensic Subspecialty
Dr. Deanna Chaukos, Associate Director, General Psychiatry Residency
Dr. Kien Dang, Associate Director, MD Program
Dr. Shaheen Darani, Director, Faculty Development
Dr. Inbal Gafni
Dr. Inbal Gafni, Assistant Program Director, Curriculum and Assessment
Dr. Amy Gajaria, Associate Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Education and Training
Dr. Carla Garcia, Director, MD Program
Dr. Chloe Leon, Assistant Director, MD Program
Dr. Raj Rasasingham, Director, Continuing Professional and Practice Development
Dr. Mark Rapoport
Dr. Mark Rapoport, Director, Geriatric Subspecialty
Dr. Kathleen Sheehan, Director, Clinician Scholar Program
Dr. Adrienne Tan
Dr. Adrienne Tan, Director, General Psychiatry Residency Program
Dr. Karen Wang
Dr. Karen Wang, Director, Child & Youth Mental Health Subspecialty


Data-based Articles
Reviews and Editorials
Published Abstracts
Other (Letters, corrections)
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Division Directors

Dr. Louise Gallagher
Dr. Louise Gallagher, Chief, Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative, and Director, Division of Child and Youth Mental Health
Dr. Graham Glancy, Director, Forensic Psychiatry
Dr. Paul Kurdyak, Director, Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems
Dr. Fang Liu
Dr. Fang Liu, Director, Neuroscience & Clinical Translation
Dr. Shellet McMain
Dr. Shelley McMain, Director, Psychotherapy, Humanities, and Psychosocial Interventions
A portrait photo of Dr. Tarek Rajji
Dr. Tarek Rajji, Director, Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr. Rima Styra
Dr. Rima Styra, Director, Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry

Research Funding

65.7 million
Total research funding
Source Amount (millions)
Foundations 23.4
Canadian Federal Government 24.4
United States Govt. 4.1
Hospitals 1.7
Corporations 2.6
Ontario Provincial Government 0.6
Research Institutes 5.5
Education 0.9
Societies 0.5
Associations 0.9
Other 1.1
Total 65.7



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