Faculty Development Resources

Faculty Development Toolkit

A guide to facilitating growth and success in academic roles, activities, and career trajectory for faculty members in the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry. Read and download the Faculty Development Toolkit.

Faculty Development Events

Donald Wasylenki Education Day

This is a one-day event, typically occurring in February, that focuses on knowledge and skills in teaching and education.

Orientation Day for New Faculty

This is a one-day event, typically occurring on a Friday in the fall, geared towards faculty within their first 3 years of appointment.

This event focuses on providing an overview of core academic knowledge and skills, including basic knowledge and skills for faculty starting in teaching and supervision roles.

Watch the 2021 New Faculty Orientation presentations.

Competency by Design (CBD) Faculty Development Update

Watch the 2021 CBD Faculty Development Update presentations.

Centre for Faculty Development Workshops: A Customized Series for Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry in partnership with the Centre for Faculty Development offered 6 workshops this coming year in response to faculty needs and tailored to Psychiatry teachers and educators. These workshops were specially designed to support the development of senior residents and faculty who are interested in developing their careers in teaching and education.

Office of Faculty Development – Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Office of Faculty Development website

Current faculty development programs focus on preparation for teaching medical students in pre-clerkship courses and during their clerkship rotation.

  • pre-clerkship course sessions focus either on specific courses or on skills for teaching in specific formats (e.g., Problem-Based Learning)
  • click on the “Events” or “Resources” tabs and then search for options according to your teaching role, your course, or your home site
  • sessions are FREE and sometimes include a meal

University of Toronto Offices that Include Faculty Development Opportunities

Centre for Interprofessional Education (CIPE)

Centre for Interprofessional Education website 

This office is part of the U of T Faculty of Medicine.  It offers courses on:

  • Interprofessional Education (how to teach IPE and create IPE programs)
  • Collaborative leadership in IPE

Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI)

CTSI website

This office is part of the University of Toronto (not just Faculty of Medicine).  It offers various workshops and programs on:

  • general teaching skills
  • the use of technology in teaching

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD website

This office is part of the U of T Faculty of Medicine.  It offers courses on:

  • Continuing Education (how to develop and run Continuing Education programs)
  • Leadership development in Continuing Education
  • Go to their website and click on “Programs” for more information.

Conferences that Focus on Faculty Development

American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT)

AADPRT website

  • annual conference in March, focusing resident education

Association for Academic Psychiatry

Association for Academic Psychiatry

  • annual conference in the early fall, focusing on teaching and career development
  • website also includes a variety of useful resources and links

Association of Directors of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP)

ADMSEP website

  • annual conference in June, focusing on medical student education

Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)

AMEE Conferences

  • annual conference in late summer, focusing on teaching and education
  • publishes a variety of guides for teaching and education as well as the journal Medical Teacher

Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME)

CAME website

  • annual conference in April, focusing on teaching and education
  • annual leadership course in the winter

International Conference on Residency Education

International Conference website

  • annual conference in the early fall, focusing on resident education

Journals that Include Faculty Development Topics

A number of journals specifically focus on education and other academic areas, most of which are available free through the U of T library system:

Journals that focus on education and career development:

  • Academic Psychiatry
  • Academic Medicine

Journals that focus primarily on teaching and education:

  • Medical Education
  • Medical Teacher
    • has a “12 Tips” series that offers practical suggestions on various areas of teaching
  • Teaching and Learning in Medicine
  • BMC Medical Education
  • Journal of Graduate Medical Education
  • Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Journals that include series on teaching and education:

  • British Medical Journal
    • has a series entitled ABC of Teaching and Learning in Medicine
  • Medical Journal of Australia
    • has a series entitled Teaching on the Run

Masters Programs

Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Dalla Lana School website

  • Master of Science in Community Health:  Health Practitioner Teacher Education


OISE website 

  • Master of Education in a variety of areas, e.g.:
  • Curriculum studies and teacher development
  • Educational administration
  • Higher Education

University of Dundee

University of Dundee Centre for Education

  • Master of Education completed via distance education technology

University of Illinois at Chicago

U of I Master of Health Professions Education website

  • Master of Health Professions Education
  • can be done primarily online, with one week per summer in Chicago

Leadership Programs

CLIME – Canadian Leadership Institute for Medical Education

CLIME website

  • a 4-day course in Ottawa that focuses on leadership skills in medical education
  • this is a good option for those in early to mid-career leadership positions

Harvard Macy Institute

Harvard Macy Institute website

  • an inter-professional, international incubator for innovators in health care education, the Harvard Macy Institute takes a collegial “think tank” approach to continuing professional development, bringing together diverse perspectives in health care education.
  • the Harvard Macy Institute currently offers six professional development courses each year.

NEAL (New and Evolving Academic Leaders) Program

OMA Physician Leadership Development Program

OMA PLD website

  • 10-month Master’s Certificate
  • this is a good option for physicians in a wide variety of leadership positions in health care settings and systems

Schulich School of Business, York University

  • several certificate programs focusing on leadership in clinical settings

Virtual Care Handbook for Residents and Faculty

The Department of Psychiatry Virtual Care Handbook for Residents and Faculty is a guide to best practices for providing virtual care.

Read and download the handbook.