Child and Youth Mental Health Research

The Division is very productive in receiving research funding from CIHR and other provincial and national agencies. Major funding opportunities within the Division include the Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental (POND) Network funded by the Ontario Brain Institute and located within the Division at the Hospital for Sick Children. The Hospital for Sick Children also supports major Genome Canada grant on the genetics of autism spectrum disorder.

Other research highlights include:

  • A major gift of 6 million dollars to the Hospital for Sick Children has supported research in medical psychiatry (the Medical Psychiatry Alliance).
  • The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has funds to support young investigators from the O’Brien funds as well as from the Slaight fund.
  • New Clinician Scientists have been recruited to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  • The McCain Centre for Research into Child and Youth Mental Health at CAMH supports collaborative research with a focus on youth engagement.
  • CAMH also houses the Cundill Centre for Child and Youth Depression with a focus on the screening, prevention and treatment of child and youth depression.
  • The Department of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre has national and internationally recognized and awarded scientists who hold provincial, national and internationally funded research grants in youth anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.