Morbidity & Morality Rounds

Morbidity & Morality Rounds – A Quick Reference Guide

This guide is intended to highlight key aspects of M&M Rounds to be considered when developing local program initiatives. Download the quick reference guide. (535.24 KB)

Quality of Care Information Protection Act (QCIPA): A Summary for Individuals Planning M&M Rounds

The Continuing Professional and Practice Development Committee, under the leadership of Drs. Paul Benassi and Sanjeev Sockalingam, have developed a summary document that helps explain the QCIPA regulations to those planning and participating in M&M Rounds. Please note that the M&M rounds should only be structured within a Quality of Care Committee reporting framework. Under these circumstance, QCIPA protection would be in effect.

Download the QCIPA summary. (323.23 KB)

Note: This document is intended as a guide, and not as a substitute for legal advice or counsel.