Status-Only Faculty


All non-MD Faculty are invited to participate in Faculty Development seminars and events. These events help support role-specific career development and generally provide overall support for a successful and rewarding academic career within the Department of Psychiatry.

Topics selected are based on input from the Faculty Development Committee, led by Dr. Shaheen Darani, Director of Faculty Development, Department of Psychiatry senior leadership, and faculty. This Faculty Development Committee has representation from non-MD Faculty.

Annual events include Orientation Day for New Faculty, Don Wasylenki Education Day, and workshops dedicated to mental health educators and teachers.

Events are advertised on PsychNews, the Department of Psychiatry’s weekly email newsletter.

In addition, events of particular interest will be highlighted by email from the Vice Chair, Basic and Clinical Sciences.

Krista L. Lanctôt PhD
Professor and Vice-Chair, Basic and Clinical Sciences
Department of Psychiatry