Faculty Appointments

Overview of the Academic Appointment Process:

The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of the Department of Psychiatry’s Academic Faculty Appointments Process for senior administrators, faculty and staff; it also provides a streamlined access to Faculty of Medicine policies and supporting documentation.

Faculty of Medicine Procedures Manual for Policy for Clinical Faculty

The Office of the Psychiatrist-in-Chief/Head of Psychiatry provides the sole gateway to the Academic Faculty Appointment Process within the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Appointments are determined by academic position descriptions developed by the Psychiatrist-in-Chief/Head of Psychiatry, in collaboration with the Department Division Director and the individual faculty member. The category of appointment is determined by this job description, time commitment and participation in a “conforming Practice Plan”. Candidates are appointed at one of four academic rank levels (Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and full Professor) based upon minimum individual rank criteria.

The Offices of the Psychiatrist-in-Chief/Head of Psychiatry and the applicant have overall responsibility for the assembly and submission of complete documentation needed to initiate the appointment approval process.

Process Steps:

  1. Hospital Psychiatrist-in-Chief/Head of Psychiatry’s Office submits a COMPLETE application package electronically, to Webform Step-by-Step Guide 
  2. The application is reviewed by the Department Appointments Committee (DAC).
  3. DAC approved applications are forwarded to Human Resources/Faculty Academic Advisory Committee (FAAC) for decanal approval.
  4. Department of Psychiatry receives approval of the application from Human Resources/Faculty Academic Advisory Committee (FAAC).
  5. Department of Psychiatry sends a Letter of Offer electronically to the appointee and a copy is sent to the Psychiatrist-in-Chief/Head of Psychiatry and the Division Director.
  6. The Letter of Offer is signed by the appointee and returned to the Department of Psychiatry.
  7. Appointee is entered in the University of Toronto’s Human Resources (HRIS) Database.
  8. Department of Psychiatry sends an UtorAuth Letter, providing the appointee with his/her personnel number and information on obtaining a library card and accessing a number of on-line services at the University of Toronto.
  9. Appointee is entered in the Department of Psychiatry’s Faculty Database.
  10. Appointee email address is added to the Department of Psychiatry Listserv. 


Things to consider when preparing an Academic Appointment Package

Through a series of guided questions; the Webform Step-by-Step Guide provides detailed information and guidance on the application process.

Special note for foreign-trained physicians: Physicians pursuing an academic certificate to practice through the CPSO should start the application process well in advance of their start date in order to meet CPSO deadlines. We recommend that the office of the Psychiatrist-in-Chief begin the application process 6 months prior to the anticipated start date at the hospital site.

Additional Documents:

  1. Please note that the Department of Psychiatry, in addition to the documents listed in the Step-by-Step Guide, requires a letter of support from the Division Director with which the faculty member wishes be affiliated to be submitted with the academic appointment request.  A faculty member wishing to be affiliated with two Divisions must submit letters of support from both Division Heads with the appointment request; they must also identify PRIMARY Division. Please refer to the Divisions listing on our website.
  2. Please also submit a completed Profile Form

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