Faculty and Relationships

Division of Psychotherapy, Humanities, and Psychosocial Interventions encompasses a diverse group of faculty and works to be responsive to the generative scholarly, research, and program development activities of its members and streams, while supporting diverse emergent initiatives.  The Division receives core financial support each year both through in-kind support of administrative staff and funds for expenses including divisional meetings, Postgraduate, Undergraduate and faculty education and wellness, community-building activities from the Department of Psychiatry and Sinai Health System, Mt. Sinai Hospital (Psychiatry).  Leadership, salary support and stream activities are further supported by TAHSN hospitals where faculty are on staff at the Mt. Sinai Hospital, Department of Psychiatry Morgan Firestone Psychotherapy Chair, and CAMH. .

Extending beyond University of Toronto, several of the Division’s faculty are leaders in global mental health initiatives and international associations. They are active as teachers of courses, curricular and evaluative planners, and supervisors of residents and graduate students.