How to apply to the Clinician Scholar Program

Application Process

  • Please read the following information first. Applications should be submitted electronically through the Application Form. If you have any questions, please contact

Application Deadline: April 15 (or next business day) annually.


1.    Application form
Current PGY2s and 3s: Clinician Scholar Program General Stream Application Form
Current PGY4s and 5s: Clinician Scholar Program Graduate Stream Application Form
2.    Files for upload on Application Form:

  • Personal statement outlining why you want to engage in education scholarship, quality improvement, or other creative professional activities, (including the social sciences and humanities).      
  •  Your Curriculum Vitae.
  •  Your Supervisor’s Curriculum Vitae.
  • Letter of support from an identified supervisor in the Department. The letter should outline:
    • A proposed scholarly project.
    • An assessment of the candidate’s potential as a scholar.
    • A statement of the supervisor’s commitment to supervising the resident in  the PGY-3 to PGY-4 years  
    • Commitment to complete biannual progress reports.
  • An independent letter of support from an additional referee to include more information on the candidate and an assessment of candidate’s track record.

Project Requirements

Although each proposed project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, several guiding principles will apply in the majority of cases:

• Projects should be data driven. This includes quantitative and qualitative data. Although literature reviews and meta-analyses are important, they are not generally sufficient for a Clinician Scholar Program project.

• There should be a balance of learning, such that the trainee has the opportunity to determine impact/results and produce project deliverables (e.g. publications, presentations), while also gaining pragmatic exposure to conducting scholarship (e.g. REB applications, data collection and analysis, etc.).