Why Donate?

Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability on the planet. There is no longer any doubt that these disorders are among the most prevalent illnesses of our time.

As one of the largest Departments of Psychiatry in the world, we serve as a catalyst for progress, mobilizing partners and resources to improve the outcome of those living with mental illness. By providing the best education and fostering the most innovative research, we are ensuring that the next generation of patients and clinicians will have a better experience.

Our Department integrates the perspectives of diverse institutions, collaborating and innovating with eight fully affiliated hospitals and 11 community sites across Ontario. The Department offers a thriving community to our undergraduate students, MSc and PhD students, residents, fellows and faculty members dedicated to improving the mental health of current and future patients.

In Toronto, the future of psychiatry is happening now; it lives in our Department and promises to be bright and progressive.

Thank you to our current and future donors, who invest in our collective future and the people who will define it. Your support is helping us to attract the best faculty, scientists and students. We are developing the next generation of psychiatry clinicians, educators and researchers who will invent and implement a renewed psychiatry.

To support the University of Toronto, visit donate.utoronto.ca.

For questions about donations or more information, please contact:

Tom Eatock
Senior Development Officer
Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
6 Queen's Park Crescent West
Toronto, ON M5S 3H2