Learn more about CPPD in the Department of Psychiatry!

How do I find CPPD course in mental health and addictions?

You can search for University of Toronto education courses at the following site: https://www.cpd.utoronto.ca

Do you have to be a doctor to register for a CPPD course?

Although the target audience for some CPPD courses are physicians, the courses are open to other health professionals.

Are registration fees for CPPD courses waived for University of Toronto staff members?

All participants registered for CPPD courses pay the same registration fee. Some events may have reduced fees for students, residents, specific healthcare professionals and alumni. Check the specific conference details for further information.

Do CPPD courses receive accreditation?

Certificates of completion, including contact hours, are provided at the end of each CPPD course. Check the specific conference details to determine if the conference has received accreditation for family physicians credits (MAINPRO) and specialist credits (MOC).

If I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing prior to the date identified on the course brochure and are subject to a handling fee specified on the course brochure.


Do you ever cancel courses?

We reserve the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrolment. In this event a full refund of the registration funds will be issued. Our liability extends only to refunding the course registration fee.

Can I register for CPPD courses over the phone?

Yes, in some cases – consult the actual course/conference brochure.

Are their services or people who could help me organize or set up or run an accredited course or conference?

Department of Psychiatry faculty interested in organizing CPPD conferences or events can contact Dr. Sockalingam, the Director of CPPD, for further advice. The University of Toronto CPD Office also has a list of Event Management Services that can be purchased based on need.