Clinician Scientist Profiles: Graduate Steam

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Brett Jones

Dr. Brett Jones has an MSc from the Institute of Medical Science looking at novel biomarkers predicting treatment response in MDD. Currently he is a second year psychiatry resident working with Dr. Jeff Daskalakis with an interest in studying novel treatments and better understanding the placebo response for MDD and Treatment Refractory Depression.

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Erene Stergiopoulos

Erene Stergiopoulos completed her BSc in psychology and MA in history and philosophy of science at the University of Toronto. Her past work includes qualitative research on the experiences of medical students with disabilities, and uses a socio-cultural lens to study the effects of the hidden curriculum on their professional identity construction. Her current research uses mixed methods approaches to study barriers to physician health disclosure. She also works as a freelance health journalist translating psychiatric research and ethics for a general audience, with bylines in Nautilus, STAT News, and VICE.

Co-Supervisors: Dr. Juveria Zaheer & Dr. Tina Martimianakis

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David Freedman

With interests in neuropsychiatry and measurement-based care, David Freedman is a PGY-5 Psychiatry Resident Physician. His past work has focused on medical education related to measurement-based care and quality improvement. At present, he conducts research under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Feinstein on research related to the neuropsychiatry of multiple sclerosis.

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