Who We Are

The Department of Psychiatry at University of Toronto strives to provide the best care to today’s patients and to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illness and addiction for the patients of tomorrow. We are building the future of psychiatry: we collaborate with our hospital partners to create capacity and improve access to care; we ensure quality care; we promote brain health and social inclusion of people with mental illnesses and their families.

Our unique breadth and depth allow us to provide sound clinical care, create novel knowledge, translate research discoveries and train the future generations of psychiatry clinicians, educators and researchers.

Our Present

As one of the largest Departments of Psychiatry in the world, we serve as a catalyst for progress, mobilizing partners and resources to improve the outcome of those living with mental illness.

Our Future

By providing the best education and fostering the most innovative research, we are ensuring that the next generation of patients and clinicians will have a better experience. In Toronto, the future of psychiatry is happening now; it lives in our Department and promises to be bright and progressive.