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2021-2022 Annual Report

Message from the Labatt Family Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Benoit Mulsant

In Canada and around the world, mental illness is a leading cause of disability, and effective, accessible treatment is still unavailable for many. Faced with these challenges, it is essential that we create an environment where our faculty and learners collaborate and build on one another’s achievements, working to accelerate progress in treating mental illness at home and around the world.

With this aim the Department continues to promote integration and collaboration locally and globally. This year our City-Wide Psychiatry Rounds began taking place on a monthly basis, providing psychiatry’s foremost experts with a venue for discussion and knowledge-sharing. The University of Toronto, University of Oxford, CAMH and the Oxford NHS Trust is developing deep connections that will spark innovation and provide new tools as we work towards greater equity. Our Mentorship Program is harnessing digital tools to bring faculty together. New Mentorship Groups are providing career support for all as we work towards a more equitable Department that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. The Department hosted our first Global Mental Health Day, the beginning of a community of practice that will ensure the benefits of mental health research know no borders.

These initiatives are creating a future where collaboration and equity bring out the best in our faculty and learners, allowing them to provide the best possible care to their communities. Together, we continue to transform the treatment of mental illness and addiction.

Dr. Benoit H. Mulsant, Professor and Labatt Family Chair of the Department of Psychiatry

Vice Chairs

Dr. Mary Jane Esplen
Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Vice-Chair, Equity and Mentorship
Dr. Alastair Flint
Dr. Alastair Flint, Vice-Chair, Research
Dr. Krista Lanctot
Dr. Krista L. Lanctôt, Vice-Chair, Basic & Clinical Sciences
Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam
Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam, Vice-Chair, Education
Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos
Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos, Vice-Chair, Clinical Programs & Innovation



Total Faculty
Primary appointed faculty
Full-time clinical faculty
Part-time clinical faculty
Adjunct faculty
Status-only faculty

Academic Scholar Award Recipients

Dr. Tara Burra
Tara Burra
Hsiang-Yuan Lin
Nick Neufeld
Martin Rotenberg
Christian Schulz-Quach
Peter Szatmari
Victor Tang
Christoph Zrenner

New Leadership Appointments

Dr. Stephanie Ameis
Stephanie Ameis, Interim Director, Division of Child and Youth Mental Health
Meng-Chuan Lai, Co-Chair, Advisory Council for EDI in Clinical Care
Kenneth Fung, Director, Global Mental Health
Dr. Louise Gallagher
Louise Gallagher, Chief, Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative
Dr. Inbal Gafni
Inbal Gafni, Assistant Program Director, Curriculum and Assessment
Tarek K. Rajji, Director, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry
Victor Vien, U of T Site Lead, Indigenous Stream
Simone Vigod, Department Promotion Committee (DPC) Chair
Samantha Cook Wallenius, Assistant Program Director, Indigenous Stream


Senior Promotions

Promoted to Professor

Kenneth Fung
Graham Glancy
Ariel Graff-Guerrero
Sophie Grigoriadis
N. Zoe Hilton
Clare Pain
Paula Ravitz
Peggy Richter
Alexander Sandy Simpson
Thomas Ungar

Promoted to Associate Professor

Dr. Simuran Brar
Simuran Brar
Dr. Philip Gerretsen
Philip Gerretsen
Dr. M. Ishrat Husain
M. Ishrat Husain
Andrea Iaboni
Roland Jones
Stefan Kloiber
Sanjeev Kumar
Rodrigo Mansur
Abigail Ortiz
Sakina Rizvi
Dr. Daisy Singla
Daisy Singla
Clement Zai
Gwyneth Zai

Junior Promotions

Promoted to Assistant Professor

Mariam Abdurrahman
Andrea Berntson
Matthew Boyle
Nitin Chopra
Nicole Davis-Faroque
Elise Hall
Misha Hartfeil
Tanya Hauck
Michael Hawkins
Christopher Kitamura
Nicole Koziel
Catalina Lopez de Lara Gutierrez
Anika Maraj
Kevin Rohani
Dr. Nazneen Shakeel
Nazneen Shakeel
Adam Tasca


General Psychiatry Residents PGY1-5
PGY6 Subspecialty Residents
Research and Clinical Fellows


Program Directors

Petal Abdool
Petal Abdool, Assistant Director, General Psychiatry Residency - IMG
Sumeeta Chatterjee
Sumeeta Chatterjee, Director, Forensic Subspecialty
Deanna Chaukos, Associate Director, General Psychiatry Residency
Kien Dang, Associate Director, MD Program
Shaheen Darani, Director, Faculty Development
Dr. Inbal Gafni
Inbal Gafni, Assistant Program Director, Curriculum and Assessment
Amy Gajaria, Associate Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Education and Training
Carla Garcia, Director, MD Program
Ben Goldstein, Director, Clinician Scientist Program
Daniel Gorman Director, Child & Youth Mental Health Subspecialty
Chloe Leon, Assistant Director, MD Program
Raj Rasasingham, Director, Continuing Professional and Practice Development
Dr. Mark Rapoport
Mark Rapoport, Director, Geriatric Subspecialty
Kathleen Sheehan, Director, Clinician Scholar Program
Dr. Adrienne Tan
Adrienne Tan, Director, General Psychiatry Residency Program


Data-based Articles
Reviews and Editorials
Published Abstracts
Other (Books, book chapters, book reviews, letters)
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Division Directors

Dr. Stephanie Ameis
Stephanie Ameis, Interim Director, Child & Youth Mental Health
K. Sonu Gaind, Co-Director, Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems
Graham Glancy, Director, Forensic Psychiatry
Paul Kurdyak, Co-Director, Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems
Dr. Fang Liu
Fang Liu, Director, Neuroscience & Clinical Translation
Dr. Shellet McMain
Shelley McMain, Director, Psychotherapy, Humanities, and Psychosocial Interventions
A portrait photo of Dr. Tarek Rajji
Tarek Rajji, Director, Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr. Rima Styra
Rima Styra, Director, Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry

Research Funding

Research Funding

Chart data

Funding Sources (%)
Foundations: 24.1M Federal Government: 23.2M United States Govt: 5.4M Research Institutes: 4.9M Corporations: 2.4M Hospitals: 1.4M Ontario Prov. Govt: 1.3M Associations: 0.9M Other: 0.8M Education: 0.7M Societies: 0.7M
36.3 35.0 8.1 7.4 4.2 2.1 2.0 1.4 1.2 1.0 1.0
66 million
Total research funding

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