Racialized Women's Mentorship Group

Psychiatry Faculty Mentorship Group

Racialized Women's Mentorship Group

Group co-leaders: Dr. Alpna MunshiDr. Araba Chintoh

Next session: TBC (fall 2022)

This mentorship group is focused on the needs of faculty who identify as racialized women. This initiative is meant to supplement the broader mentorship group for women and underrepresented genders, UPWURD. Individuals who identify as racialized women are welcomed and encouraged to attend both the larger women's mentorship group, and this smaller group, if interested.

The group has the following aims, but is a work in progress and its shape will be determined largely by participant input:

  • A space for racialized women to share their experiences as clinicians and academics about the challenges they face at an individual and structural level with respect to racism, discrimination, and sexism, among others

  • An opportunity for peer mentorship with other women who can understand the complexity related to being racialized from having "lived experience"; learning strategies on how to mobilize change and cope with adversity in academic settings

  • An opportunity to learn more about how to optimize success at promotions processes, given the inherent biases in medical institutions and academic systems that are longstanding, even with efforts to change

  • All participants will be asked to maintain confidentiality of group members. List of participants will NOT be shared with the department. Feedback shared with the department leaders will be anonymized and grouped so as to maintain confidentiality.