Associate Professor

Sakina Rizvi

Neurosciences and Clinical Translation
St. Michael's Hospital
193 Yonge St, 6th floor, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5B 1M8
Appointment Status

Dr. Sakina Rizvi is a Scientist in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Suicide and Depression Studies Unit at St. Michael’s Hospital ( and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto. In addition, as Co- Lead for the Ontario Depression Network hub ( within the broader Canadian Depression Research and Intervention Network program, her goal is to promote mental illness advocacy, education and resource building across Ontario.


Research Synopsis


Dr. Rizvi has experience across the areas of neuroimaging, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, pharmacology, and scale development; with a focus on Major Depressive Disorder. Her research is focused on identifying biological and behavioural risk factors for suicide and treatment resistant depression. Within these domains she is also conducting research focused on identifying novel therapeutic strategies and using neuroimaging (PET, fMRI, MRS) to predict treatment outcomes.