Nov 9, 2023

News Roundup - October 2023

Article Summaries

By Matthew Xia

Our faculty members frequently make appearances in the media as expert consultants or authors. This article summarizes the faculty media appearances that were featured in our Department newsletter in October 2023.

New template streamlines sharing clinical trial results

Spectrum. October 31, 2023. Featuring Dr. Nancy Butcher.

Dr. Butcher emphasizes the ethical necessity of communicating clinical trial results to participants and their families in an accessible and timely manner through the creation of the CommuniKIDS template, designed to honor participants' contributions and inform them of outcomes and next steps.

Mental health coping strategies during global uncertainty

CityTV News. October 20, 2023. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre advocates for resilience-building strategies like creating structure ('leaning in'), moderating media intake ('leaning out'), and strengthening social connections to cope with Chronic Uncontrollable Stress during times of global uncertainty.

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD impacts over a million Canadians. Here are ways to help cope

The Toronto Star. October 20, 2023. Featuring Dr. Michael Mak.

Dr. Mak engages on how Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) impacts 3-5% of Canadians, which manifests through depression due to reduced sunlight in transition from summer to winter, while a milder form, subsyndromal disorder, affects 10-15% and can be managed with exposure to natural light or light therapy.

Canada is slipping too far down the slope of death on demand

The Toronto Star. October 20, 2023. Featuring Dr. K. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind criticizes the inclusion of mental illnesses in the context of assisted dying, emphasizing the difficulty in differentiating between the symptom of suicidality and a genuine request for MAID and suggesting a need for careful distinction.

Amid bombs and bullets, reporters are our eyes and ears

News Decoder. October 17, 2023. Featuring Dr. Anthony Feinstein.

Dr. Feinstein emphasizes the importance of confronting, rather than avoiding, trauma-related problems in journalists, warning against harmful coping strategies like alcohol and noting the significant emotional and relational toll such work can take.

MPs should be voting on MAID with their eyes wide open

Hamilton Spectator. October 15, 2023. By Dr. K. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind warns that expanding medical assistance in dying (MAID) to include those with sole mental illnesses could provide death under false pretenses to individuals who could potentially recover, with current assessments unable to guarantee the permanence of their conditions, risking the lives of marginalized individuals due to unscientific predictions.

New Paths to Recovery

U of T Medicine. October 12, 2023. Featuring Dr. Victor Tang.

Dr. Tang is exploring various treatments, including brain stimulation, to improve cognition and potentially aid recovery in addiction, acknowledging the coexistence of mental illness and addiction.

Dr. Frank Sommers: supporting kids during war

CBC Radio - Superior Morning. October 11, 2023. Featuring Dr. Frank Sommers.

Dr. Sommers explains that during stressful times, children often look to parents and adults as emotional anchors, who through patience and understanding can model healthy ways to process complex feelings and foster resilience.

How to best support your own mental health on World Mental Health Day

Breakfast Television. October 10, 2023. Featuring Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam.

Dr. Sockalingam describes that to best support your own mental health, prioritize self-care by setting boundaries, engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining social connections, and seeking professional help when needed.

As seasons change, keep your physical, mental wellness in check with these tips

Global News. October 5, 2023. Featuring Dr. Michael Mak.

Dr. Mak emphasizes the significance of light exposure, maintaining social connections, and utilizing indoor lighting to sustain mood stability amidst the mixed feelings and potential mental health impacts of the seasonal shift from warm to cold weather in Southern and Eastern Ontario.

Steep rise in adults taking ADHD drugs

CBC The Current. October 4, 2023. Featuring Dr. Ralph Lewis.

Dr. Lewis illuminates that the rise in adults taking ADHD medications reflects a growing recognition of the condition's prevalence beyond childhood, coupled with increased awareness and acceptance of seeking treatment.

Aging and mental wellbeing

Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our aging population podcast. October 3, 2023. Featuring Dr. K. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind advocates that aging can present unique challenges to mental well-being, necessitating proactive engagement with physical health, social support, and cognitive activities to promote emotional resilience and life satisfaction.