Assistant Professor  |  Director, CPPD

Raj Rasasingham

Child & Youth Mental Health
Humber River Regional Hospital
1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Canada M3M 0B2
Appointment Status

I had the great fortune to train at Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital Training Program under Dr David Demaso. Stuart Goldman and David Demaso still remain mentors to this day. I also had the great fortune to work as a faculty member under Dr Peter Szatmari, John Langley and Trevor Young. They have been mentors and inspired me to a career in academia. Lastly, but not least Mark Hanson has helped guide and mentor my learning and teaching development. Thank you for all my mentors for taking the time to teach the next generation of learners and educators. Special mention to Don Fidler who took the time to guide my early resident learning.


Research Synopsis


My research interest lies firstly in Admissions and Interviewing of medical applicants. Secondly it is child psychiatry, particularly in mood disorders. I have also been inspired to do advocacy work by David Demaso and Sonu Gaind. Both have done so much for Psychiatry as a profession, and mentored many of us to do the same for the betterment of society. This has led to my keen interest in Global Psychiatry and International Development.