Clinician Teachers

Psychiatry Faculty Mentorship Group

Clinician Teachers

Group co-leaders: Dr. John Teshima, Dr. Tracy Sarmiento

Next session: Wednesday November 29, 2023 (12pm-1pm on Zoom)

Topic: Negotiation and Self-Advocacy

Clinician-teachers, especially early in their careers, can get asked to take on a lot:  supervising learners, providing seminars, sitting on education committees, taking on small education leadership roles.  Negotiation and self-advocacy are necessary to ensure that you end up mainly doing what you like, while maintaining collegial relations with your colleagues and leaders.

The Department of Psychiatry Mentorship Program in partnership with the Department of Psychiatry Office for Faculty Development is offering a community of practice group for Clinician Teacher faculty to support career development needs.

The content and process of this group will be determined by the attendees. Possible topics that could be addressed include:

  • Choosing and maintaining a career pathway
  • Negotiation, choosing priorities/options, and self-advocacy skills
  • Programs and opportunities to develop teaching skills
  • Promotion pathways for clinician teachers, including tips for success and how to put together a dossier
  • Effectively supporting trainees
  • Processing and managing negative evaluations
  • Addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in my teaching
  • Wellness and establishing a network for support & shared reflection