UPWURD (Uplifting Women & Underrepresented Genders in Academia)

Psychiatry Faculty Mentorship Group

2023-2024 sessions and Zoom registration links:

A new group mentorship series is offered by the Department of Psychiatry Mentorship Program, in partnership with the Department of Psychiatry Office for Faculty Development. Planning for the group launch was based on input from our faculty mentorship survey and the EDI Promotions Workshop held in Spring 2021.

See the group's Terms of Reference here.

Topics of interest for UPWURD may include known challenges and barriers concerning academic careers of marginalized genders (based on survey data and literature), such as:

  • How to choose and maintain specific career pathways
  • Negotiation (saying “No”, dealing with pressures of administrative/ academic asks; assertiveness and self-advocacy skills)
  • Work life balance; time management; managing academic “leaves”
  • Making decisions about children and family
  • Academic Promotion and Opportunities
  • Feeling unsupported / isolated
  • Dealing with microaggressions or boundary violations
  • Intersectionality with race, gender, and other social categorizations