Apr 1, 2024

News Roundup - March 2024

Article Summaries

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By Matthew Xia

Our faculty members frequently make appearances in the media as experts or authors. This article summarizes the faculty media appearances that were featured in our Department newsletter in March 2024.

Mental health within the South Asian community

CJMT-DT (OMNI.2 Television Ontario). March 25, 2024. Featuring Dr. Farooq Naeem.

Dr. Naeem explains that South Asian culture of spirituality for mental health emphasizes holistic well-being through practices like meditation, yoga, and the integration of religious and philosophical beliefs that foster inner peace and community support.

Assisted dying – we should learn from what's happening in Canada 

The Journal. March 24, 2024. Featuring Dr. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind argues against the feasibility of reliably determining the "irremediability" of mental illnesses for the purposes of assisted dying, highlighting the ethical and practical challenges involved.

Ketamine is in the spotlight thanks to Elon Musk — but is it the right treatment for depression? 

Nature. March 20, 2024. Featuring Dr. Joshua Rosenblat.

Dr. Rosenblat advocates for ketamine's rapid and robust antidepressant effects, noting its significant success in clinical trials for treatment-resistant depression and its distinctive therapeutic approach.

Innovative interventions combat mental health impacts of climate change 

Medical Life Sciences News. March 17, 2024. Featuring Dr. Siqi Xue.

Dr. Xue's review in NPJ Mental Health Research uncovers a nascent field of study exploring the intersection of climate change and mental health, revealing promising yet preliminary interventions across social system levels, emphasizing the need for rigorous evaluation, particularly in low- and middle-income countries affected by climate change.

Opinion: We may never be ready for MAID in cases of mental illness 

Montreal Gazette. March 14, 2024. Featuring Dr. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind discusses his concerns regarding the extension of medical assistance in dying to those with severe mental illness, highlighting the challenges in determining the irremediability of mental conditions and the potential for decisions to be influenced more by the assessor's ethics than by solid medical or scientific assessment.

Over the Long Term, Antipsychotic Medicine Stabilized Functional Connectivity in Depressed Patients with Psychosis

Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation News. March 14, 2024. Featuring Dr. Nicholas H. Neufeld and Dr. Aristotle N. Voineskos.

Dr. Neufeld and Dr. Voineskos, through their research on psychosis in the context of major depression, found that while long-term antipsychotic treatment may alter brain structure, it does not negatively impact brain function and may even stabilize functional connectivity, suggesting potential benefits in emotion regulation, attention, and psychosis phenomena management.

Dr. Andrea Waddell Accepts New Role Leading Waypoint Centre For Mental Health Care’s Regional Programs

Muskoka411. March 12, 2024. Featuring Dr. Andrea Waddell.

Dr. Andrea Waddell will enhance Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care's clinical excellence and client experience as the new Medical Director, Regional Programs, bringing expertise in crisis intervention, severe mental illness care, dual diagnosis, and innovative uses of artificial intelligence for early mental health risk detection.

Kids Help Phone launches initiative for Black youth 

The Globe and Mail. March 9, 2024. Featuring Dr. Kwame McKenzie.

Dr. McKenzie comments that the barriers Black people face while accessing mental health help are more frequently more nuanced than stigma or a lack of services.

What is brain fog — and how can we fight it? Experts share simple ways to regain focus 

The Toronto Star. March 8, 2024. Featuring Dr. Matthew Burke.

Dr. Burke describes brain fog as a complex, subjective condition with a broad spectrum of symptoms that are often elusive to standard cognitive testing, emphasizing the importance of addressing its diverse underlying causes for effective treatment.

Canada Backtracks on Allowing Euthanasia for the Mentally Ill 

USNews. March 5, 2024. Featuring Dr. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind expresses support for the delay in expanding Canada's medical assistance in dying (MAID) to include those with mental illness as the sole condition, stating his belief in the need for deliberation given the vulnerability and complex care needs of this population.