Jul 8, 2022

News Roundup - June 2022

Article Summaries


Our faculty members frequently make appearances in the media as expert consultants or authors. This article summarizes the faculty media appearances that were featured in our Department newsletter in June 2022.

Cannabis Legalization: What Psychiatrists Need to Know

Psychiatric Times. May 27, 2022. Featuring Dr. Tony P. George.

Dr. George examines the evidence for and against the clinical utility of cannabis, and opens the discussion about handling its usage.

Virtual mental health care has become a massive marketplace. What does this mean for people seeking help?

Toronto Star. May 29, 2022. Featuring Dr. David Gratzer.

Dr. Gratzer raises significant concerns regarding digital mental health care calling on issues such a inconsistent services, privacy concerns and the application of care.

Dual Diagnosis: Double the stigma, Double the Trouble

Psychiatric Times. May 30, 2022. Featuring Dr. Tony P. George.                  

Dr. George examines the stigma impact of for those with both a mental illness and substance use disorder, addressing the characteristics and consequences of the dual diagnosis.

Guided by students and experts, U of T rolls out new approach to mental health services delivery

UofT News. May 30, 2022. Featuring Dr. Andrea Levinson.

Dr. Levinson provides uplifting update on the university’s Health and Wellness Centre. Wait times will be reduced thanks to implementing the client centric mental health care model ‘Stepped Care’.

Clearing the ‘Brain Fog’ in Long COVID

Psychiatric Times. June 2, 2022. Featuring Dr. Susan Abbey

Dr. Abbey addresses the cognitive dysfunction ‘Brain Fog’ found in patients with long COVID suggesting pharmacological and nonpharmacologic interventions.

‘We are absolutely destroyed’: Health workers facing burnout, even as COVID levels ease

Global News. June 5, 2022. Featuring Dr. David Gratzer.

Dr. Gratzer discusses the importance of combatting burnout in health care workers citing less availability to listening to patients and more mistakes as consequences.

Laws Surrounding Medical Assisted Dying

The News Forum. June 21, 2022.  Featuring Dr. Sonu Gaind.

Dr. Gaind takes a look at how the laws surrounding medically assisted dying have changed in Canada and how the cost of MAID may be impacting peoples' choices.

Police, handcuffs routinely involved for Ontario university students with mental health crisis: Study

Toronto Star. June 21, 2022. Featuring Dr. Juveria Zaheer.

Dr. Zaheer discusses the implications of the routine usage of handcuffs by police on students who are seeking help for a mental health crisis when transferring them to hospital.