Integrated Care Training

The University of Toronto is a national leader in developing training in Integrated Mental Health Care (formerly known as shared or collaborative mental health care). All PGY-5 residents will have a longitudinal training experience relevant to their career interests, where they will consolidate learning by acting as a junior consultant to a community agency or primary care team. These unique training experiences emphasize the Collaborator, Leader, Health Advocate and Scholar roles in the CanMEDS 2015 framework.

Integrated Care training experiences afford unique perspectives on our health care system, including understanding the needs of people receiving care outside of the psychiatric system (e.g. before, after, or instead of receiving psychiatric care), and appreciating what support their health care and social service providers need from us as physicians and psychiatric specialists. Through this training, residents will gain a better understanding of community needs, and have an experience of consulting to a team and organization to meet the mental health and addictions needs of a defined population.

As a result of this training experience, residents will better understand the continuum of acute and community-based services. They will increase awareness of organizational and team dynamics, form collaborative interprofessional relationships to support co-management of patients and knowledge exchange and contribute to health system sustainability through resource stewardship and assisting in care coordination and system navigation. Residents will learn from educating other providers, and contribute to program consultation, quality improvement, and/or inter-organizational collaboration.

The Integrated Care experience represents our effort to respond to the needs of our community, build capacity for improved access and quality of mental health care, and prepare future psychiatrists for practicing and leading in a rapidly evolving health care system.

 Please see Quercus under the PGY5 IMHC module - IMHC Core Experience