Tomas Paus

Toronto, Ontario Canada
Appointment Status

Dr. Paus is the Tanenbaum Chair in Population Neuroscience at Baycrest and Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.


During the first 20 years of his scientific pursuits, he worked on functional and structural organization of the human brain using a variety of approaches including studies of patients with brain lesions, patients with psychiatric disorders, functional and structural neuroimaging, and brain stimulation.


In the last 10+ years, his work integrates epidemiology, neuroscience and genetics – through a new discipline of population neuroscience – in the pursuit of knowledge relevant for child and youth mental health. This research draws on data acquired in a number of cohorts based in North and South America and Europe.


The work published by Dr. Paus and his colleagues has been well received by peers, being cited in over 37,000 publications (h = 90). In 2013, Springer published his book “Population Neuroscience”. Dr. Paus received the Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award, Gold Medal of the Masaryk University, is an elected member of the International Neuropsychology Symposium, serves as Associate Editor of the Human Brain Mapping and Social Neuroscience, and as a member of several Scientific Advisory Boards in Europe and North America. In Canada, he contributes to peer review by serving on CIHR peer-review committees, Chairs the Bioinformatics committee of Compute Canada where he also serves as an Acting Chair of the National Resource Allocation Committee for the 2017/2018 competition.