Margaret Hahn

Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
250 College St, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 1R8
Appointment Status

-Honours degree Biochemistry, McGill University (2001)
-MD, University of Calgary (2004)
-FRCPC, Psychiatry, Dalhouise University (2009)
-PhD, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto (2013)
-Fellowship in Schizophrenia Division, Center for Addiction and Mental Health (2013)
-Co-director, Mental Health and Metabolic Clinic, CAMH
-Staff psychiatrist, Complex Mental Illness, Division of Schizophrenia, CAMH


Research Synopsis


Dr. Hahn's research interests lie in translational work focused on the complex interplay between mental illness, antipsychotic treatments, and cardiometabolic risk, with a special interest in diabetes. Given the early accrual of metabolic risk leading to a 20% reduction in life expectancy for patients with schizophrenia, she has an interest in early episode individuals and prevention strategies. She currently is the principal investigator on a clinical trial examining a pharmacological intervention for younger patients with psychosis and glucose abnormalities. She co-leads the Mental Health and Metabolic Clinic at the CAMH, which specializes in metabolic monitoring, and interventions for metabolic risk factors in individuals with serious mental illness. From a translational perspective, Dr. Hahn oversees a basic science laboratory that studies underlying mechanisms of antipsychotic-related metabolic disturbances and their attenuation.