Assistant Professor

Faranak Farzan

Neurosciences and Clinical Translation
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
1001 Queen St W, Unit 4 118A, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6J 1H4
Appointment Status

Dr. Farzan received her Bachelor in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering in 2006 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. In 2010, she received her PhD from University of Toronto in the collaborative program of Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering. Subsequently, she completed her postdoctoral training in cognitive neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, United States. As of 2013, Dr. Farzan is an Independent Scientist at Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention, and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Toronto.

Research Synopsis

Dr. Farzan research is in the area of neuroengineering with application in medical diagnosis and neurotherapeutics. Dr. Farzan's work aims to address three important challenges for the implementation and adoption of neurotechnology in clinical and translational research: (1) Development of novel experimental strategies to safely, reliably, and inexpensively assess brain health in humans across the life span; Dr. Farzan's research program is currently seeking to assess the integrity and plasticity of cortical inhibitory processes across the life span, the association between these processes and behavior in healthy humans, as well as in response to pharmacological and brain stimulation treatment in neuropsychiatric disorders. (2) Identification of computational and data management strategies to facilitate the discovery of neurophysiological markers of brain health and impairments; and (3) Translation of this gained knowledge into clinical practice in the form of novel and neurophysiology -guided diagnosis and treatment, and facilitating clinical decisions.