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David Castle

Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Appointment Status

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow, Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom
  • Fellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
  • Association of European Psychiatrists (AEP)
  • International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD)
  • International Association for Affective Disorder (ISAD)
  • Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS)
  • World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP)
  • Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL)
  • Australasian Society for Mental Health Research (ASMHR)
  • Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria (ArcVic)
  • European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) (Corresponding member)
  • Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals (Full Member)
  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member, ANZ Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)
  • Member, Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD)
  • Member, International Stress and Behaviour Society (ISBS)

David will take up the position of inaugural Scientific Director of the Centre for Complex Interventions at CAMH in February 2021, migrating from Australia where for 15 years he has been Professor of Psychiatry at St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne.  His clinical and research interests include schizophrenia and related disorders, and bipolar disorder. He has a longstanding interest in the impact of licit and illicit substances on the brain and body, and is actively engaged in programmes addressing the physical health of the mentally ill and the mental health of the physically ill. He is also pursuing his work on OCD spectrum disorders, notably body dysmorphic disorder. He has been successful in attracting substantial grant funding from a variety of different sources, and has strong local, national, and international research links. He has received a number of commendations for his work, including the Senior Research Award from the Royal ANZ College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and a University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor’s Staff Engagement Award. In 2015 he was presented with the Ian Simpson Award by the RANZCP in recognition of outstanding contributions to clinical psychiatry as assessed through service to patients and the community. He has published extensively in prestigious journal and has produced 26 books, aimed at clinical, academic and lay audiences. He is regularly invited to present at local, national and international scientific meetings. David has strong commitment to teaching, completed the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching from the University of Melbourne in 2011; was elected as a Fellow of the Melbourne Medical School Academy of Clinical Teachers in 2013; and has received teaching awards.

Research Synopsis

  • Epidemiology of schizophrenia
  • Gender differences in the functional psychoses
  • Late onset schizophrenia
  • Treatment strategies in schizophrenia
  • Physical health problems in the mentally ill
  • Mind-body interface
  • Cannabis and mental illness
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Behavioural/cognitive approaches to the treatment of anxiety disorders
  • Nosology and treatment of obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders
  • Disorders of body image
  • Psychedelics and mental illness
  • Teaching psychiatry to under- and postgraduates


Recent Publications

Papers (*denotes peer reviewed)

*Rossell S, Labuschagne I, Castle DJ, Toh WL. “Delusional themes in body dysmorphic disorder (BDD): Comparisons with psychotic disorders and non-clinical controls” Psychiatry Research 2020; 284: 112694

*Minshall C, Ski C, Apputhurai P,Thompson D, Castle DJ, Jenkins Z, Knowles S. “Exploring the impact of illness perceptions, self-efficacy, coping strategies, and psychological distress on quality of life in a post-stroke cohort” Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings 2020; doi: 10.1007/s10880-020-09700-0


Papers (*denotes peer reviewed)

*Suhaimi AF, Ibrahim N, Tan K-A, Silim UA, Moore G, Ryan B, Castle DJ. “Effectiveness of a culturally adapted biopsychosocial intervention (POHON SIHAT) in improving self-efficacy in patients with diabetes attending primary healthcare clinics in Putrajaya, Malaysia: Study protocol of a randomised controlled study” BMJ Open 2020; 10: e033920

*Yolland COB, Phillipou A, Castle DJ, et al. “Improvement in cognitive function in schizophrenia with N-acetylcysteine: a theoretical review” Nutritional Neuroscience 2020; 23: 139-148

*Baker S, Castle D. “The cardiac conduction and contractility complications of methamphetamine use and the relationship to psychiatric comorbidity: A systematic review” Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews Psychology in Medical Settings 2020; 16: 5-19

*Minshall C, Castle DJ, Thompson DR, Pascoe MC, Cameron J,  McCabe M, Apputhurai P, Knowles SR, Jenkins Z, Ski CF. “A psychosocial intervention for stroke survivors and carers: 12 month outcomes of a randomised controlled trial” Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (in press; accepted 03.03.2020)

*Greene SL, Scamvougeras A, Norman A, Bonomo Y, Castle DJ. The fentanyls: pharmacological and clinical aspects relevant to Australia” Australasian Psychiatry (in press: accepted 08.03.2020)

*Scamvougeras A, Greene SL, Norman A, Bonomo Y, Castle DJ. The fentanyls: a ‘future threat’ for Australia?” Australasian Psychiatry (in press: accepted 08.03.2020)

*Beilharz F, Phillipou A, Castle DJ, Rossell S. “Saccadic eye movements in body dysmorphic disorder” Obsessive Compulsive and related Disorders (in press: accepted 10.03.2020)

*Fineberg NA, Hollander E, Pallanti S -- Castle D -- Van Ameringen M, Stein DJ, Carmi L, Zohar J, Menchon JM. “Clinical Advances in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Position Statement by the International College of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders” International Clinical Psychopharmacology (in press: accepted 28.03.2020)

*Hanly F, Torrens-Witherow B, Warren N, Castle DJ, Phillipou A, Beveridge J, Newton R, Brennan L. “Peer mentoring for individuals with an eating disorder: a qualitative evaluation of a pilot program” Journal of Eating Disorders (in press: accepted 14.05.2020)

*Fehily CMC, Bartlem KM, Wiggers JH, Wye PM, Clancy RV, Castle DJ, Wilson A, Rissel CE, Wutzke S, Hodder RK, Colyvas K, Murphy F, Bowman JA. “Effectiveness of embedding a preventive care clinician in a community mental health service in increasing preventive care provision: a randomised controlled trial” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2020; doi 10.1177/0004867420914741

Chong T, Ames D, Lautenschlager N, Castle DJ. “Mental health of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from history to guide our future” International Psychogeriatrics (in press: accepted 25.05.2020)

*Jenkins Z, Chait M, Cistullo L, Castle DJ. “A comparison of eating disorder symptomatology, psychological distress and psychosocial function between early and later onset anorexia nervosa”. Research Square 2020; doi: 10.21203/

*Phillipou A, Abel LA, Gurvich C, Castle DJ, Rossell S. “Eye movements in anorexia nervosa: state or trait marker?” International Journal of Eating Disorders 2020; doi 10.1002/eat.23345

*Tandon R, Lenderking WR, Weiss C --- Castle D. “The impact on functioning of second-generation antipsychotic medication side effects for patients with schizophrenia: a worldwide, cross-sectional, web-based survey” Annals of General Psychiatry 2020; 19: 42



Honours and Awards

Name: 2015- Certificate of Outstanding Teaching from the University of Melbourne (for teaching into the MPsychiatry course)
Name: 2015 - The MHS Award for “Optimal Health Program: psychoeducational wellbeing program from research to reality” (with Helen Wilding, Gaye Moore and Chantal Ski on behalf of St Vincent’s Mental Health Service and Australian Catholic University)
Name: 2015 - British Medical Association Medical Book Competition: High Commendation for “Schizophrenia”
Name: 2015 - Ian Simpson Award by the RANZCP (for recognition of outstanding contributions to clinical psychiatry as assessed through service to patients and the community)
Name: 2014 - University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor’s Staff Engagement Award
Name: 2014 - Elected Fellow, The Royal Society of South Australia
Name: 2014-2018 - Invited member, Schizophrenia International Research Society International Advisory Council
Name: 2014-current - Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, Swinburne University
Name: 2013-15 - Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University
Name: 2013-current - Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town Department of Psychiatry
Name: 2013 - Fellow, University of Melbourne Medical School Academy of Clinical Teachers
Name: 2013-15 - Faculty Member, Faculty of 1000 in pharmacology and drug discovery
Name: 2012 - St Vincent’s Health Australia Health Quality Award: Exceptional Care: Research Excellence for Early Psychosis Program (led by Melissa Petrakis on behalf of the EEP Team of which I was research director)
Name: 2012 - 15 - Invited member, Schizophrenia International Research Society International Advisory Committee
Name: 2011 - MSD Senior Research Award by the RANZCP (made to the Fellow who has made the most significant contribution to psychiatric research in Australia and New Zealand over the preceding five years)
Name: 2010 - Honorary Fellow, The Bionic Ear Institute
Name: 2009 - Leadership Course, Asialink, The University of Melbourne
Name: 2009 - Victorian Public Healthcare Awards Gold Award For “Mental Health Medication Information Program” (with Nga Tran, Senior Mental Health Pharmacist)
Name: 2009 - ANZ Mental Health Service Achievement Silver Award
Name: 2009 - Fellow, Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)
Name: 2008 - Victorian Healthcare Awards and Premier’s Award: Highly Commended for “Healthy Lifestyles for People with a Serious Mental Illness” (with Bridget Organ, on behalf of St. Vincent’s Mental Health Service)
Name: 2008 - Distinguished Fellow, Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists
Name: 2007 - British Medical Association Medical Book Competition: Commendation for “Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women”
Name: 2007 - National Network of Adult and Adolescent Children who have Mentally Ill Parents Trophy Award for Bipolar project (on behalf of Collaborative Therapy Unit, MHRI)
Name: 2006 - Visiting Professor, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Name: 2005 - British Medical Association Mental Health Book of the Year First Prize for “Marijuana and Madness”
Name: 2005 - Visiting Professor, Prince Charles Hospital & Rockhampton Mental Health, Q’land
Name: 2002 - Honorary Friend of the Anxiety Recovery Centre, Victoria
Name: 2003 - Certificate of Appreciation, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, in recognition of a high citation publication
Name: 2001 - Eli Lilly Partnerships in Wellbeing Recognition Award for Group Program (on behalf of Fremantle Hospital & Health Service)
Name: 2001 - ANZ Mental Health Service Achievement Silver Award for General Practice Liaison Service (on behalf of Fremantle Hospital and Health Service)
Name: 2000 - ANZ Mental Health Service Achievement Bronze Award for Intensive Rehabilitation Service (on behalf of SW Metropolitan Mental Health Services)
Name: 2000 - Senior Scientist Award, Tenth Biennial Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia, Davos, Switzerland
Name: 1996 - Inaugural Janssen-Cilag Travelling Scholarship in Schizophrenia
Name: 1995 - Organon Research Award (Australasian Society for Psychiatry Research
Name: 1994 - Travel Fellowship Australian Schizophrenia Research Conference, Q’land
Name: 1993 - Merck-Lipha Annual Award for Psychiatric Research
Name: 1992 - MRC (UK) Training Fellowship to study for MSc in Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Name: 1992 - Young Scientist Award at International Congress on Schizophrenia Research, Badgastein, Austria
Name: 1987 - MRC (South Africa) Post-Internship Scholarship in Medical Genetics