Daniel Mueller

Neurosciences and Clinical Translation


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
250 College St, R132 Research Wing, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 1R8
Appointment Status

1990 – 1996: Medical School, University of Bonn (Germany)

2002 – 2004: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Neurogenetics Section at CAMH (Toronto)

2008: Habilitation (PhD equivalent; Charité University Medicine Berlin)

2008 – Clinician Scientist at CAMH, Toronto (Head, Pharmacogenetics Research Clinic)

2008 – Assistant Professor (Dept. of Psychiatry, U of T)

2011 –Associate Professor (Department of Psychiatry, U of T)

2017 – Full Professor (Department of Psychiatry, U of T)



Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Toronto
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), University of Toronto


Research Synopsis


Optimizing pharmacological treatment for mood disorders and schizophrenia by:

1) taking into account gene-drug pairs affecting medication plasma levels, response and adverse effects with psychotropic medications (pharmacogenomics)

2) developing and implementing pharmacogenetic based algorithms in clinical practice (see Pharmacogenetic Research Clinic at CAMH,

3) investigating the causal role of the gut-brain axis of medication effects and testing interventions with probiotics to alleviate mood symptoms

Publications: Author/Co-Author on more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Current funding from CIHR, MRI (Ont.), BBRF (NARSAD), CFI, OMHF and University of Toronto (Dean’s Fund)