Arany Shanmugalingam

Geriatric Psychiatry
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
700 Gordon St, Witby, Ontario Canada L1N 5S9
Appointment Status

Dr. Arany Shan is a geriatric psychiatrist and the medical director for the geriatric program at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. She is involved in a variety of clinical services including inpatient, outpatient, ECT and outreach services. She also serves on the Medical Council of Canada as an examiner for the LMCC and NAC exams and has done so in both Ontario and British Columbia.

Dr. Shan served as Chief Resident during general psychiatry residency at the University of Western Ontario and in the geriatric subspecialty program at the University of British Columbia. She also started the first resident mentorship program at UWO as a leadership task for the Talent Management pilot project. Outside of clinical and academic roles, she is serving as the vice president of the medical staff association at OS since 2018 and is the lead for the Physician Peer Support Program. She is also the recipient of the 2018 Peter Prendergrast Award for Excellence in Education.

Research Synopsis

Mindfulness meditation in mental health
Spirituality in mental health