Mindful Map

An interactive map of division-affiliated child and youth outpatient mental heath services

This interactive map displays division-affiliated child and youth outpatient mental health service sites in Toronto, with the ability to filter based on various inclusion criteria. 

Mindful Map Video Tutorial

Watch the Mindful Map Video Tutorial and learn how to use this valuable tool!

Recent increases in mental health treatment seeking has driven long waitlists to access child and youth mental health care services. A critical issue facing our community is service fragmentation (i.e., a lack of integration/coordination across our systems of care). That means it can be very difficult for kids, youth and families (and clinicians providing them with guidance) to know where to get the mental health service they need.

MindfulMap is a collaboration between the Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Division and the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (BMC) Institute of Medical Science (IMS) Program at the University of Toronto and was developed by two graduate students as part of their BMC Master’s Research Project. MindfulMap is a prototype. It provides an interactive map and a snapshot of the services available across the 15 clinical sites affiliated with our Division as of June 2023. As a prototype map, MindfulMap does not have the function to update and refresh as available services evolve/change.

Today, we hope this map helps clinicians and learners within (and outside) our Division navigate services for the kids, youth, and families we serve. We hope that future iterations of this map will improve mental health service integration across the GTA, to make it easier for kids, youth and families to get the mental health care they need.

Acknowledgements: MindfulMap was developed by Joshua Koentjoro and Vanessa Nguyen (BMC Master’s Research Project) under the supervision of Nicholas Woolridge (IMS BMC), Michael Corrin (IMS BMC), and Dr. Stephanie Ameis (Division of CYMH, Department of Psychiatry). The survey used to collect the data needed to map available services was developed by the Executive of the Division of CYMH between Oct 2021-June 2022. The success of this project is thanks to the support of the Child and Youth Acute Care Collaborative (CAYACC) and the contribution of each outpatient manager across our Division sites. A special thanks to Alice Charach, Nicole Kozloff, Liisa Kuuter, Krista Lemke, Greg Lodenquai, and Louise Gallagher who served as the steering committee for this project.