Documentation Required for Preliminary and Final Submissions

The DPC reviews each candidate dossier thoroughly to advise candidates on their readiness for promotion. After each stage of review, the DPC will confirm strengths of the application and if necessary, provide recommendations for improving the application.

All documents are to be submitted electronically to the on-line academic promotion system (Laserfiche). Instructions to upload documents will be granted once a candidate has submitted a promotion candidate information form. Documents must be uploaded as separate PDF files and be clearly labelled (e.g. LastnameDocumentName.pdf)

The deadline for the preliminary review is April 30 and the deadline for the final review is July 31 each cycle.

For both the preliminary review and the final review, every candidate must submit the following documents:

  • Candidate Information Form
  • Cover Letter
    Cover letters should be addressed to the Department Chair and the DPC Chair and address the following points:
    • Your current rank and the rank you are applying for
    • Basis for seeking promotion (e.g., excellence in research and competence in teaching)
    • Brief summary of your major contributions under each of the following categories (as they apply to your application): research, CPA, teaching, and administration
  • Curriculum Vitae (WebCV format template) & 5 Most Significant Publications since last promotion (Manual Section 4.1)
    • List the FIVE most significant publications since last promotion and include a short paragraph for each describing the significance and your contribution.
    • Copies of each publication, in PDF format, submitted as separate documents.
  • Research dossier (Manual section 3.1)
  • Creative Professional Activity dossier (Manual section 3.2 and Manual Appendix 5.0)
    • CPA Statement and Documentation
    • Appraisal letters from community agencies (if applicable)
    • CPA – Additional Assessments
  • Teaching and Education dossier (Manual section 3.3)
    Every candidate must provide a complete Teaching Dossier along with teaching evaluations regardless of the primary focus of the candidate’s promotion dossier.
  • Administrative Service (Manual section 3.4)
    • ​​​​​​​Write a brief outline of your service activities
    • Include a statement of the nature and impact of your service achievements in the department, the Faculty of Medicine, the University, your discipline, the professional community, or other targeted communities
    • Attach supporting documentation that demonstrates the nature and impact of your service achievements
  • External referee form and Internal referee form (Manual section 4.3)
    All candidates are invited to nominate several external and internal referees. Please review the manual for instructions on selecting appropriate referees.
  • Student Letter form