Clinician Scientist Program Chief Resident Positions- Terms of Reference

Potential CSP Chief Residents should be in good academic standing, and entering their PGY-3, 4, or 5 year of training.  In general, other simultaneous experiences/ positions held by the CSP Chief Resident will need to be carefully considered on a case by case basis to ensure a balanced work load (e.g. not also acting as a Chief Resident at a hospital based site, or planning substantive elective time away). Applications for this position will be solicited in January-February of each year, and decided on by mid March, to facilitate coordination with site assignment and call allocation. The position will be held for 1 academic year, from July-June. Outgoing CSP Chief Residents will continue to participate in the CSP resident executive committee in a transitional/supportive fashion during a period of overlap. CSP chief residents can request ½ call duties while on full time clinical rotations, but not research electives.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Coordinate bi-annual file review process

    1. Liaise with administrative staff to ensure applications to CSP are solicited from residents

    2. Divide up files for review amongst CSP faculty committee

    3. Collect and compile file review score cards

    4. Organize teleconference to discuss files and acceptance decision with CSP faculty committee

  2. Organize 6 CSP seminars per year

    1. Schedule and remind residents of seminars

    2. Ensure invitations and RSVP to seminars are requested 2 weeks prior to each event

    3. Work with CSP program director to organize guest speakers and topics of interest to residents for seminars

    4. Invite/ organize resident research ‘snapshots’ for mini presentations at the seminars

  3. Help select and lead CSP resident committee and coordinate sub committees

    1. Request and compile resident bi-annual electronic progress reports and feedback forms (in collaboration with Progress and Pathways committee lead)

    2. Network with Progress and Pathways committee lead to explore and expand opportunities for graduate school training for psychiatry residents

    3. Work with Networking/ Social committee to facilitate senior and junior resident informal mentorship, and three annual social events for CSP residents +/- faculty

    4. Work with Media Relations/ Knowledge Translation Committee lead to develop, and expand the CSP’s online presence, and to update resident biographies annually

  4. Recruitment and fundraising

    1. Liaise with Department of Psychiatry Recruitment Committee, and CaRMS coordinators, to ensure CSP is advertised to potential trainees

    2. Present about CSP at CaRMs day, at orientation day for incoming PGY-1s, and at select recruitment events as requested

    3. Explore options for fundraising for the CSP within the department and University

    4. Liaise with potential trainees via email, or in person, for recruitment purposes

  5. Resident newsletter

    1. Compile a quarterly resident newsletter to send out to CSP residents/ faculty executive, including recent accomplishments, upcoming deadlines, and award opportunities

  6. Committee membership and meeting attendance

    1. Attend or participate in meetings for the following committees as requested:

      1. Chief resident meetings with Psychiatry Program Director

      2. Monthly meeting with CSP Program Director

      3. Harvey Stancer Research day planning committee

      4. PRPC meetings as requested

      5. Competency based curriculum development committee as requested

  7. Organize CSP meeting minutes, agenda items, and dropbox and G-drive (or subsequent file sharing arrangement)

    1. Send out meeting minutes and agenda items with respect to CSP executive committee meetings

    2. Facilitate a central resource-sharing folder (currently a G-drive) for CSP residents, re: award opportunities, research resources, etc.

  8. CSP resident support and problem solving

    1. Support/ debrief with CSP residents regarding areas of difficulty and help facilitate problem solving strategies

    2. Encourage mentorship between senior and junior CSP residents

    3. Help connect interested residents to potential supervisors as appropriate

  9. Miscellaneous/ other tasks as required