Chair's Message

Dr. Benoit Mulsant
Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability on the planet. There is no longer any doubt that these disorders are among the most prevalent illnesses of our time.

I am humbled by the work that lies ahead of us, and honoured to be leading a Department that is uniquely positioned to address these challenges. The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto leads changes in medical education, clinical care and discovery in Canada. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

As a leader in brain science, we are fostering the integration between psychiatry and other areas of medicine. New collaborative frameworks are creating unique learning opportunities for trainees and faculty. A new generation of researchers and practitioners will create improved patient outcomes.

Our Department integrates the perspectives of diverse institutions, collaborating and innovating with eight fully affiliated hospitals and 11 community sites across Ontario. The Department offers a thriving community to our undergraduate students, MSc and PhD students, residents, fellows and faculty members dedicated to improving the mental health of current and future patients.

Benoit H. Mulsant
Professor and Labatt Family Chair